Our Story

Our farm has been in the family since the mid-1800's and with that comes a sense of pride and tradition. Situated on the edge of the Niagara Escarpment, overlooking Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline, we are the most westerly winery in the Niagara Region. Follow the signs off of the QEW up one of the picturesque escarpment accesses to our quaint and relaxing winery. 

Our wines are made from hand-picked grapes and are produced in small batches. This allows us to put the care and attention into each of our wines that make them unique. The tasting room has a bistro feel making your visit relaxing and enjoyable. Taste our wines while enjoying the beautiful surroundings and the frequent visits by some of our wild residents including deer, coyote, wild turkey and rare birds (on the right you will see the very rare Mountain Bluebird that took up residence with us recently). 

Sean & Jayne

  • The property offers a unique growing environment, with lake breezes flowing up and over the escarpment and clay loam soils. The ubiquitous Escarpment limestone offers a mineral component to the wines. Sean explains, ‘Although on average the temperature is 1°C cooler up here in the winter, it’s often warmer in the summer. The site benefits from consistent breezes that quickly dry the grapes after a rain, and that tend to push the late spring frosts up over the escarpment—fortunately, wind machines are redundant for us!”

The History of Ridge Road

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